Your dream developer


“Not only a software, but a solution.”
Our services cover four main sectors. We will design a fully customised solution for you from zero to one. No matter if you only have a brief idea or already have a complete picture, we are here for you.
Mobile app
Service integration
Personal tool


“Same software, different technologies.”
Different combinations of technologies can be used to develop the same software. Our team is familiar with different technologies, so we know which suits you best for your solution. If you understand your requirements, you can specify the technologies you want us to develop with as well.


“Transparent pricing, fast quote.”
We have listed the expected quotations for some common features already. You may use our “Auto Quote” service to select the features you need and get a grasp of the quotation. If the features you wanted are not there or you decided to get a detailed quotation, please feel free to drop us a message, we will follow-up as soon as possible.


“Why us?”

With years of practical experiences, our team members have the finesse that can create a product not just up to the industrial standard, but our clients’ expectations.

We will not only provide you a product, but a solution. Our team members have experiences in start-up and creating new products, so they can give pragmatic advice and solutions for clients who are getting started with their product.

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